Simply Outstanding

Advances in technology are essential for keeping the industry moving forward but there’s no point if it is then too complex to get the full benefit from. True gains come from high technology which is also easy to use and this is a clear-cut advantage of Protec’s outstanding new waterborne range, AQUAMAX® Extra. 

Purebred built for performance

Part of the MAXMEYER® product range, this leading edge waterborne paint system is all about high productivity and straightforward ease of use, says Steve Palanechka, Protec Refinish National Sales Manager. “We’re really proud to be able to offer the market AquaMax® Extra. This is proven European waterborne technology from a well-respected Italian company that is known for its productivity and simplicity. It’s also important to understand that AquaMax® Extra is a purebred waterborne paint system – it’s not a hybrid. This means it doesn’t come with any of the frustrations that eat into paint shop efficiencies. For example, the basecoat doesn’t need to be catalysed like some other brands, special additives aren’t needed for blending and you can de-nib the basecoat if necessary.”

The Painter’s Friend 

“Paint technicians will love AquaMax® Extra (those who have already trialled it do!). Because it’s a logical, straightforward system, a competent painter will take to it quite easily and quickly begin getting great results. There’s no need to stir the tinters (a quick shake will do), the mixing ratios are easy to understand and it’s simple to achieve a blend, even on more difficult colours. From a cost effectiveness point of view, AquaMax® Extra is very efficient to use. For instance, the tinters have been formulated to give excellent opacity and this minimises application time, as well as material usage per job. The fast flash-off time is another big factor in speeding up booth cycle-time and the terrific colour match accuracy also helps boost productivity. Another bonus is the excellent shelf life which means properly stored mixed colour can be used months later.”

MaxMeyer® proudly distributed by Protec® 

While many people in the industry will be aware of the MaxMeyer® brand from its profile on the global stage, Steve believes they won’t necessarily know the full story. “The MaxMeyer® brand has a distinguished history that goes back over 100 years – to 1895! Do a little research and you’ll find that MaxMeyer® is a highly respected leader in refinish paint technology, particularly in European markets, so AquaMax® Extra is definitely not a product line Protec has plucked from nowhere. In fact, Protec is proud to have the opportunity to distribute this world class range which also includes low VOC primers and clearcoats.Our local laboratory has done lots of testing to ensure it performs perfectly
in local conditions and we’ve backed it
with the Protec Autoguard Warranty

Advanced colour tools

As well as being an advanced product, Protec has backed AquaMax® Extra with advanced technology colour tools for greater simplicity and productivity. This includes the RAPIDMATCH™ X-5 spectrophotometer – the industry’s only fi ve-angle electronic colour measuring device. It smoothly interfaces with market leading colour retrieval software which includes clever search functionality that helps quickly identify the best available colour match and dramatically boost paint shop productivity. 

Minimal investment to change 

Unlike some other waterborne systems which require extra curing technologies to achieve reasonable performance, AquaMax® Extra requires only a small outlay to make the switch, says Steve. “There is only a minimal investment required to begin taking advantage of AquaMax® Extra. As long as you have a functional, effi cient spray booth with good air fl ow and a compressor that’s able to deliver suffi cient air, the only investment needed is for waterborne compatible spray guns. Then you can begin achieving excellent results straight away. The launch of AquaMax® Extra has already attracted lots of attention so, if you are interested in seeing the productivity and simplicity of this system yourself, I’d suggest you contact the Protec Team to book a demonstration ASAP.”


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