Gaining Plenty While Losing ‘0’

Although the 604 tinter line is now obsolete, the great news is that the Paraglaze 64 system has replaced it and comes packed with extra features and benefits.

A long-term market favourite, like the 604 tinter line, can only really be replaced by an even better option and that is exactly what Protec has delivered thanks to the launch of Paraglaze 64.  In basic terms, it is a premium quality, gloss only, two pack acrylic urethane coating system and one of the terrific new features is that it takes advantage of the colour capabilities of the excellent Paraglaze Tinter System. Indeed, the launch of Paraglaze 64 has seen a selection of new tinters added to the Paraglaze gloss range. The result is substantially upgraded capabilities when it comes to solid colours, as well as single layer mono-metallics that feature brighter and cleaner shades. What’s more, access to PPG’s sophisticated PAINTMANAGER® colour management software expands the colour capability even further.

As well as offering a database of Paraglaze 64 colour formulations, it lets users take advantage of PPG’s advanced electronic colour matching technology – the RAPIDMATCH® X-5 spectrophotometer. Those actually applying Paraglaze 64 will be quick to see the improvements over the 604 tinter line, too, with highlights including the same mixing ratio, better coverage, faster drying time and superior final appearance and durability. Importantly, Paraglaze 64 was developed in Australia, specifically to suit the needs of this market and the harsh local conditions. This includes superior UV resistance, particularly when compared to most similar imported products. Best of all, while Paraglaze 64 outperforms the 604 tinter line across a whole host of crucial areas, it is actually very competitively priced at a similar price point. Although the arrival of Paraglaze 64 signals the end of the 604 tinter line, this is a no compromise transition where the customer is the clear winner.


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