Welcome matt for new MAXMEYER® clearcoats

The launch of two premium quality, low gloss clearcoats into the MaxMeyer range offers a versatile and simplified process for dealing with the increasingly popular matt paint finishes.

Love them or hate them, matt finishes seem to be here to stay. As well as a growing number of vehicle OEMs offering matt paint finishes on their production models, the dramatic effect has also become popular as an aftermarket finish for street machines, hot rods, etc. The challenge in the refinish paint shop is to match these finishes which can vary considerably in their ‘low gloss characteristics’. To provide repairers with an effective, world class solution, Protec has introduced 0720 MaxMeyer VOC Matt Clearcoat and 0760 MaxMeyer VOC Semi-Gloss Clearcoat. And, to benefit the widest market possible, they have been specifically formulated for use over AQUAMAX® Extra waterborne basecoat, as well as Paraglaze Basecoat.

When it comes to OEM low gloss vehicle finishes, there is no standard level of ‘matt’ – different manufacturers use different low gloss levels for their vehicles. One of the key advantages of these two premium clearcoats is that they offer a straightforward method of reproducing the full spectrum of low gloss levels. They can either be used by themselves or they can be mixed together in different ratios in order to match the low gloss finish of the vehicle being repaired, whether it’s OEM or custom. The Technical Data Sheet provides a convenient guide to help mix the appropriate gloss level required.

Along with the ability to match complete OEM low gloss finishes, these new MaxMeyer products are ideal for repairing other vehicle types, such as older prestige models, which have low gloss lower body sections, sill panels and bumpers. What’s more, they’re also perfect for the custom vehicle scene – using these highly versatile products makes it simple to offer your customers the latest in low gloss effects. Protec training staff are on hand should you require guidance and support to help get the very best results from these new products.

You can purchase 0720 MaxMeyer VOC Matt Clearcoat and 0760 MaxMeyer VOC Semi-Gloss Clearcoat from the region wide network of Protec Distributors and Protec Select Distributors.


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