Positive Attraction

It’s difficult to see how the launch could have gone any better, according to Protec Refinish National Sales Manager, Steve Palanechka. From the moment the all new, locally developed and manufactured Paraglaze Tinter System began rolling out across the region, the feedback has been outstanding.

“Firstly, our distributors were really pleased with the new Paraglaze Tinter System and, in turn, they have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from their customers. End users are telling us that it’s really nice to spray and they particularly love the colour strike rate and consistency of the tinters, as well as the excellent coverage and quality finish. Customers are also enjoying the features of the new colour retrieval software. There’s lots of useful colour formulation data, including highlighted variants and specials, which makes the colour matching process more efficient, and there are also features, such as the Ready For Use (RFU) function, to help control paint shop costs.

“The local Protec development team listened to what customers liked and disliked about the previous system before building this new Paraglaze Tinter System. They kept the basecoat’s fast flash-off properties, made it easy to apply and blend, formulated liquid pearl tinters and ensured its durability is well and truly up to the highest global standards. Price is important, too, and customer feedback is telling us they’re very pleased with the pricing!

Our initial focus has been on upgrading existing customers but we’re also seeing an increasing number of ‘new business’ enquiries. Some people ask where the Paraglaze Tinter System is manufactured and it’s great to tell them it’s still a proudly Australian made product. It’s another positive that choosing this system helps support local manufacturing and local jobs.

Steve says the constant stream of new Protec products (including the Carmaster and Paraglaze primers and clearcoats released in 2012) is altering the company’s perception in the market.  

“Some people had the impression that Protec had stalled but the launch of these new products and technologies are clear proof that the company is moving forward and actually accelerating as it expands its market presence. Indeed, with even more products on the launch pad, Protec is defining itself as ‘The Clear Choice’!


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