Tech Tips with Protec National Training Manager Steve Falzon

Get the know-how to do the job with National Training Manager Steve Falzon.

With over 25 years of experience as a spray painter Steve Falzon, Protec National Training Manager, is not only well versed in the Protec range but also the knowhow on how to complete jobs to the highest Protec standard.

Tech Tips

Don’t Scrimp on Flash Off

No matter how hectic your paint shop gets, you should always set aside the appropriate ‘flash off’ time for the product you are applying.

Solvent-borne products rely on a cocktail of solvents to help the paint film flow, level and adhere to the substrate. Not allowing adequate time for solvents to flash off is just asking for trouble, such as solvent entrapment, ‘pinch-back’ of clearcoats and de-lamination.


Technical Data Sheets

When was the last time you read a Technical Data Sheet for a product you were using? Given they contain all the vital information you need to correctly use each product, Technical Data Sheets are well worth familiarising yourself with.


Go Fast in the Cold

One of the big advantages to come with the launch of the new Carmaster and Paraglaze ranges is the option of three different hardeners and reducers. They allow you to modify the application characteristics to suit the environment in which you’re spraying it.


Slow Down in the Heat

As summer approaches and we head into the hottest time of the year, high ambient temperatures can have a dramatic affect on refinish operations if we don’t compensate by using slower hardeners and reducers.


Three-layer Pearls

When applying three-layer pearl colours, make sure the ground-coat is totally flashed-off and dry to touch before checking that the colour is correct.


Don’t Let Winter Take the Gloss Off Your Work

One downside of colder winter temperatures is the affect on paint viscosity, making it thicker and reducing ‘flow’ so it’s more difficult to spray.


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