Slow Down in the Heat

As summer approaches and we head into the hottest time of the year, high ambient temperatures can have a dramatic affect on refinish operations if we don’t compensate by using slower hardeners and reducers.

The quality destroying downsides can range from dry edges and loss of gloss, through to the paint film drying before it gets a chance to level out properly – the result is a dry, brittle appearance – or even solvent boil if it dries too quickly.

To work properly, refinish products are designed to be applied under specific conditions – generally spray booths are set to around 24ºC. In cooler weather the booth’s heating system can compensate but when temperatures rise there’s no way to cool the booth to maintain it at 24ºC. That’s where the slow hardeners and reducers in our product range come in.

When higher temperatures cause problems by accelerating flash off, the slower hardeners and reducers bring it back into the normal range. That takes the stress out and makes the job so much easier because it extends the window of time available to apply the product. In other words, it lets the product do the work – overspray has time to melt into the material that has been previously applied and it avoids all the issues mentioned above. 


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