Don’t Scrimp on Flash Off

No matter how hectic your paint shop gets, you should always set aside the appropriate ‘flash off’ time for the product you are applying.

Solvent-borne products rely on a cocktail of solvents to help the paint film flow, level and adhere to the substrate. Not allowing adequate time for solvents to flash off is just asking for trouble, such as solvent entrapment, ‘pinch-back’ of clearcoats and de-lamination.

For example, when applying Protec 706 Basecoat flash off time is only three to five minutes between coats (at 20°C to 25°C) – typically, you can look for the surface to have a matt, ‘eggshell’ type appearance when correctly flashed off. After the final coat, it’s recommended that you allow 15 to 20 minutes to let all solvents evaporate before applying the clearcoat – time enough for the painter to clean guns and equipment and prepare the clearcoat. That way you’re more likely to get great gloss straight off the gun, minimised time spent polishing and reduced redos. 


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