Aiming for a Double Century

After kicking off in 1898 as a motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer in the South Australian country town of Strathalbyn, the business took on vehicle dealership franchises and expanded to its current location in the Adelaide Hills town of Mount Barker, just 30 minutes from the CBD. Today, operating in SA’s second fastest growing district, Gilbert Motors’ list of services includes RAA district office and roadside service, 24/7 tilt-tray accident rescue, fuel stations, car wash and farming and building development. The adjoining Adelaide Hills Toyota is also under similar ownership. According to current Manager, Grant Gilbert, the business literally got into collision repairs by accident.

“In 1954 the door of a customer’s Holden FJ sedan was damaged during servicing and we decided to quickly replace the panel ourselves. That launched us into a serious commitment to embrace paint and panel repairs and, in combination with our auto rescue facility, we turn no job away. Our focus has always been on quality and we even offered one of the industry’s first ‘lifetime repair warranties’ which actually meant what it said!”

“We couldn’t do it without our staff and many have been with us for their entire working lives – their professional, ‘can do’ attitude is our most precious asset. To create a more efficient working environment we recently renovated our workshop facility and, ultimately, we’re planning to relocate to purpose-built facilities in the future. At Gilbert Motors we always search out the best paint / panel repair methods and appropriate equipment and when it comes to refinish products we’ve relied on Protec exclusively for decades. Indeed, our seriously fickle painters won’t consider any alternative! Protec delivers consistently superior products for the wide variety of vehicle makes we deal with and helps us exceed our customer’s expectation. Paint and panel repairs is a partnership – employees, insurance companies, private customers and suppliers – and we see Protec as a solid partner in a challenging and rewarding business.”


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