The Importance of Flexibility

These days, plastic components form a large percentage of bodyshop jobs which makes using the correct products and processes vital in order to get it ‘right the first time’, as well as enhancing productivity and profitability. One product that’s sometimes overlooked is A-5656 Protec Flex Additive – it’s designed to be added to Carmaster and Paraglaze primers and clearcoats when they’re applied over plastic components. In contrast to rigid metal panels, plastic parts are far more bendable so the paint film also needs added flexibility.

Without that extra elasticity, it’s all too easy for, say, a plastic bumper sitting on a panel stand to ‘droop’ a little – then the paint film cracks resulting in a redo. It’s even worse if the faults appear after the vehicle is returned to the customer! However, by using A-5656 Protec Flex Additive when required and avoiding high film builds on plastic parts, it’s very straightforward to minimise the risk of cracking paintwork or other faults. And primers can still be used in high productivity Wet-On-Wet mode. The Technical Data Sheet for each product will have all the information you need.


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