Priming Blasted Steel Surfaces

In the CT refinish sector, bead blasting is a common method of preparing metal surfaces by removing rust, old paint and other unwanted materials. However, in many situations that ‘blasted profile’ then needs to be flattened to leave a smooth surface finish. With the launch of Paraglaze CT, Protec customers how have an excellent option to do just that, thanks to the new 1K High Build Primer (PP-4660).

The local development team used the latest primer technology and formulated it for local applications. Even customers who don’t have the latest in paint shop facilities can take advantage of a high performance primer which provides a strong foundation for overcoating with a two-pack product.

It’s very convenient to use. Because it’s a 1K product, there’s no need to measure out components – just mix it 4:1 with the reducer. When dealing with things like chassis and trailers or any blasted steel surfaces, 1K High Build Primer offers the choice of two modes – as a high build primer or a Wet-On-Wet (WOW) primer. In high build mode it’s perfect for filling the blast profile and the ‘overcoat’ and ‘recoat’ time is a maximum of 14 days without sanding. In WOW mode, the ability to quickly apply colour over the top is great for paint shop efficiency. Either way, this product is going to give you excellent adhesion properties.

To find out which CT products are right for a certain job, download the Paraglaze CT Product Selection Chart below.


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