People tend to be a little nervous when using new software but Protec PAINTMANAGER® is really user friendly so it’s straightforward to learn – after a couple of days it becomes second nature.

Best of all there are heaps of convenient features and functions – here are just a few:

  • ‘Quick’ search – lets you enter the vehicle paint code and display just the prime, variants and specials for that formulation.
  • Flagged variants and specials – convenient colour coded ‘flags’ help to indentify which variant or special is most likely to match the make, model and year of the vehicle on your paint shop floor.
  • ‘Other parts’ option – makes it easy to see if any add-on parts, such as the grille, sills or side mouldings, are painted in a different shade or tone and then provides that formulation.
  • ‘Suspend’ option – this is really useful when you start a mix and then find you don’t have all the ingredients or you run out of a particular tinter. Just ‘suspend’ the mix and restart later when you have all the tinters.
  • RFU costing – this lets you calculate how much a mix will actually cost which is great for accurate job costing.
  • ‘Minimum’ button – when you only need 50ml for a job it’s a waste to mix even 100ml. For each formulation the ‘Minimum’ button allows you to mix the smallest amount possible while still retaining colour accuracy.
  • Custom formula – when you need to alter an existing formula this function makes it very easy to save it so it’s available in the future.


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