AA-5630 Protec Clear Basecoat Blender

Protec Clear Basecoat Blender is a ready for use blending aid that has excellent clarity to give as seamless a blend as possible.

It can be used to assist in the blending of Paraglaze Basecoat, particularly light metallic colours, to minimise potential differences in colour between the original finish and the repair area. It will also aid in minimising the appearance of scratches in the basecoat.

Please refer to the PM-BMIX Paraglaze Basecoat Technical Data Sheet for our basecoat blending recommendation.

AA-5656 Protec Flex Additive

Protec Flex Add is a flexibilising additive to be used in 2K topcoats that are applied over flexible plastics.

It must be used in Paraglaze Gloss and Carmaster DG and other recommended Protec products when applied over flexible plastics to ensure proper flexibility of the paint film.

AA-5770 Protec Accelerator Additive

Protec Accelerator Additive is formulated to be used in Paraglaze Gloss and selected Protec 2K topcoats and primers for air dry situations and to provide shorter bake times, achieving a harder film more quickly.

It must only be used in the Protec products as recommended in the Technical Data Sheet to ensure proper performance of the product.

Protec Accelerator Additive cannot be used in clearcoats.

AS-5700 Protec Blending Thinner

Protec Blending Thinner is a specially formulated solvent blend, used to aid blending out of 2K topcoats where a warrantable repair is not required.

It is suitable for use on older cars, door pillars and less visible repairs and may also be used neat over the repair edge to dissolve any dry spray.