Easy to use primer filler and multigrey wet-on-wet primers that contribute to the speed and productivity of the MaxMeyer offer.

1360 MaxMeyer VOC 1K Polyurethane Plastic Primer

​MaxMeyer VOC 1K Polyurethane Plastic Primer is a ready for use, one pack adhesion promoter specifically for use on solvent sensitive plastics such as PUR (polyurethane), PUR/RIM (reaction injection moulding), PC (polycarbonate) and ABS.

It is optimised for use over plastics employed in the automotive industry and can be used with both MaxMeyer and Paraglaze ranges.

Refer to the Technical Data Sheet and MaxMeyer Repair Process for Plastics chart for further information.

8717 MaxMeyer VOC HP Primer Filler

MaxMeyer HP VOC Primer Filler is a fast drying, multipurpose primer that has superb filling capabilities and is designed for use over a wide range of substrates and under AquaMax Extra Basecoat.

It can be applied directly to sound original paintwork, polyester body fillers and suitable adhesion primers.

MaxMeyer HP VOC Primer Filler is perfect for enhancing paint shop productivity and efficiency thanks to its user-friendly application, excellent laydown characteristics and easy sanding.

9701 / 9704 / 9706 MaxMeyer VOC HP Multigrey Wet-On-Wet Primers

As well as the high productivity wet-on-wet capability, these easy to use, multipurpose primers offer a range of high value features which are perfect for minimising refinish recycle time.

Developed for use under AquaMax Extra Basecoat, the three different shades of MaxMeyer HP VOC Multigrey Wet-On-Wet Primer provide the ability to mix the full spectrum of groundcoat greys. Laying down a sympathetic groundcoat means less basecoat is required to achieve colour opacity which saves significant application time and material.

The excellent application and flow properties save further time because, generally, no sanding is required and there is an exceptional recoat window of up to five days!

  • 9701 MaxMeyer VOC Primer White M1
  • 9704 MaxMeyer VOC Primer Light Grey M4
  • 9706 MaxMeyer VOC Primer Dark Grey M6