High technology doesn’t have to mean high complexity. AquaMax Extra – part of the MaxMeyer product range and proudly distributed by Protec – is a leading edge waterborne basecoat system specifically formulated to deliver a user-friendly, yet highly productive ‘green’ solution to meet modern refinish industry requirements.

Trusted by literally thousands of refinish professionals throughout Europe, AquaMax Extra waterborne basecoat is a low-VOC tinting system which achieves excellent results via a simple and efficient process. Easy to mix, simple to apply and quick to blend, its long list of features also includes superb colour match accuracy, excellent opacity and superior cycle-time.

AquaMax Extra Basecoat

As one of the world’s leading waterborne systems, the following features and benefits are just some of the many that Series 550 AquaMax Extra Basecoat provides:

  • User-friendly – logical and easy for painters to learn and quickly achieve peak performance
  • Non-stir tinters – a quick shake is all that’s needed
  • Easy to understand mixing ratios
  • Excellent opacity – reduces application time and minimises material usage
  • Simple to blend and achieve a high quality finish
  • Full range of high quality tinters to match the latest vehicle colour trends
  • Supported by the market leading RAPIDMATCH™ X-5 spectrophotometer and PAINTMANAGER® software
  • Excellent colour match accuracy

AquaMax Extra Basecoat Under Bonnet Repair

​The AquaMax Extra Basecoat Under Bonnet Repair Process is designed to simplify and speed up repairs to vehicles where the finish in the engine bay area is different to the external finish.

It can be used where the engine bay of a vehicle is finished in a different colour to the external panels or where the engine bay is simply a lower gloss version of the external colour.

The activated basecoat can be applied directly to electrocoat to accurately reproduce the original engine bay finish as well as act as a wet-on-wet groundcoat to all external panels that need to be topcoated. This removes the need to undercoat and colour the internal area and allows internal and external areas to be topcoated in one step, an invaluable efficiency of time.

  • 0300 AquaMax Extra Engine Bay Activator
  • E050 AquaMax Extra Engine Bay Additive

1700 AquaMax Extra VOC WB Gun Cleaner

​1700 AquaMax Extra VOC WB Gun Cleaner is a waterbased cleaner formulated to facilitate the cleaning of equipment used in the application of AquaMax Extra Basecoat.

It easily removes paint and dirt from the internal and external parts of a spraygun.

9970 AquaMax Extra VOC WB Thinner

9970 AquaMax Extra VOC WB Thinner is used in AquaMax Extra Basecoat, with a simple choice of two mixing ratios, depending on the type of colour to be sprayed.