Time Saving in a Can!

In just a short time on the market, Paraglaze Ultraseal AP-6000 has established a strong following thanks to its ability to save valuable labour time. Designed for use in Wet-On-Wet mode, this transparent sealer and adhesion promoter is a versatile tool for tackling a range of applications but is particularly ideal when used over sound OEM electrocoat on new panels.

Rather than spending valuable time fully sanding the entire surface (particularly if it has lots of fiddly nooks and crannies), Ultraseal requires far less preparation. Whether you are dealing with a new electrocoated panel, a sound OEM or refinish coating or GRP fibreglass, simply ensure the surface is thoroughly degreased and then give it a quick scuff with a scouring pad, such as Mirka Mirlon or equivalent. Then it’s just a matter of applying one coat of Ultraseal, let it flash off for 15 minutes (at 20°C) and topcoat. Ultraseal is mixed at 3:1 to 50% of reducer and there’s the choice of two hardeners and three reducers to allow the product to be adapted to suit different application temperatures and job sizes.

As well as providing strong adhesion to the substrate, Ultraseal can also be tinted up to 10% with 606 line tinter to help achieve opacity quicker. It’s also an excellent solution when you get caught out by a primed job that’s exceeded its re-coat window. Rather than have to sand and reprime or risking de-lamination by topcoating it anyway, just apply Ultraseal and then topcoat. Just like in its other applications, Ultraseal is the simple, effective, time saving in a can! 


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