Positive Reaction

Everyone from distributors to end users has been extremely positive about Protec’s all new Paraglaze Tinter System. Here is a sample of the positive feedback.

Carlingford Prestige Smash Repair – Sydney

One of the first to take advantage of Protec’s next-generation Paraglaze Tinter System was Carlingford Prestige Smash Repairs. Established around 30 years ago by George and Jill Smith, the family business now employs daughter, Jacinda, and son, Daniel, who runs day-to-day operations, along with six panel beaters, plus an apprentice, two painters, plus an apprentice and an estimator. According to Daniel, the focus is on staying ahead in a demanding market.

“We do predominantly insurance work on late model cars, although our reputation in the local area means we get quite a bit of private work, too. There are plenty of challenges – like keeping up with the latest technology in modern cars. We do a lot of research and contact manufacturers to get the information we need. The other big challenge is ‘certainty of work’ – we’ve been able to secure an NRMA contract and that’s helped us grow quite significantly in the past two years or so. We have to keep on top of thing, though, by keeping up-to-date with repair trends and upgrading equipment.”

No wonder Daniel was keen for the business to get its hands on the new Paraglaze Tinter System. The Protec Team spent plenty of time helping Carlingford’s painters make a smooth transition. “The new product has been really good and the painters say it goes on easier and we use less of it. The spectro (RapidMatch™ X-5) has also been a good tool for cutting colour matching time.” Head Painter, Ahmed Haider, wholeheartedly agrees. “The new system didn’t take long to get used to and it works really well. The colours are better and it lays on a lot easier so it’s very user friendly – we can’t fault it!” Daniel says, it helps Carlingford Smash add a finishing touch that customers really appreciate. “I get a lot of satisfaction from doing a quality repair and seeing the customer really happy with it!”

Network Auto Paint & Panel – Sydney

Variety is the ‘spice of life’ for the eight staff at Network Auto Paint & Panel with traditional insurance and private jobs bolstered by work from a vehicle importer that includes brands, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys. Although doing exotic models can add pressure, it’s particularly satisfying to see the end result, says owner, Neil Towers. Since starting the business in 2004, Neil has seen industry changes add new challenges.

“At the moment, adjusting to new ways of dealing with insurance companies is a challenge. Once we get used to the changes it’s quite easy but it takes time for everyone to understand what’s required. The other thing to get your head around is the documentation that needs to be provided – they want to know the repair procedure we’re going to use. That means researching the right repair information and using training and one-on-one communication to make sure staff understand the process.”

One thing hasn’t changed since the business was established – Protec is still the paint of choice, although Network did switch to the new Paraglaze Tinter system as soon as it was available. “The quality of these new tinters seems better and it feels more professional. The Protec guys were great, coming in to help our painters make a smooth changeover. The coverage is good and it hasn’t slowed us down at all – it’s quick! The colour retrieval software is more flexible and we’re also using the spectro (RapidMatch™ X-5) – as our painters get more experience it should be a great tool to help save colour matching time. These Protec products really have jumped another level!”

Neil can see industry changes going on for a few years, yet, before they settle down. “I think we have to alter direction slightly with this business and diversify a bit. This is a small industry and there are some really clever people so it’s about networking to come up with new ways to do things better.”

Complete Coating Solutions – Adelaide / Melbourne

Gus Capogreco believes the characteristics which make Protec attractive to his distribution business, Complete Coating Solutions, are the same for his customers.

“Our customers want to know that we offer quality products and we’re backed up by good service – if they have an issue, they are assured it will be sorted out quickly. That’s one of the big advantages Protec has over its competitors. Their staff are there to support us at every stage and provide very good training – overall, our experience with Protec has been just fantastic. Like us, our customers can see the substantial advantages of partnering with Protec.”

A cabinetmaker by trade, Gus started his business about eight years ago mostly selling wood coatings but, after becoming a Protec distributor, is actively pushing into the refinish market. Based in Adelaide, Complete Coating Solutions has also opened a Protec Select Distributor outlet in Tullamarine, Melbourne, which has helped service customers in NSW and Queensland. Gus says customer response to the new Paraglaze Tinter System has been ‘fantastic’.

“One of the biggest issues with any tinter system is the consistency between batches and we find Paraglaze’s batch quality to be fantastic. It’s actually a very, very good product and it’s manufactured in Australia. Our existing customers are using the Paraglaze range and it’s also helping us pick up new customers.” Gus aims to keep the business expanding to eventually become a national distributor by staying one step ahead with customer service, including plans to add a convenient online ordering function. “The most important thing is to keep offering excellent service and being available whenever customers need us. Partnering with Protec – a company that aims to grow and improve itself – can only benefit both us and our customers!” 


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