New Refinish Range ‘Ahead of the Game!’

“The primers and clearcoats we released last year under the Carmaster and Paraglaze labels have been a massive hit – we’ve had nothing but praise and the all new Paraglaze Tinter System combines perfectly with those products. In fact, I believe it puts us ahead of the game! Our local R&D Team spent 2.5 years on the project and it gave them the opportunity to look at customer feedback and address concerns with the existing range. They used our global R&D network to get the latest refinish technology and then tuned it so that it works in the harsh climate it faces here – that’s a huge plus for local repairers.

“The new Paraglaze Tinter System is compact but it has a full selection of gloss and basecoat colours so you can match anything that comes through the door. At the same time, it’s not complex – painters will find it easy to understand and there are no special techniques needed. We’ve also been able to build in lots of efficiency improvements. Protec basecoats have always been quick and this one is the best yet. It’s not just fast application, flash-off and drying times, I’m also talking about excellent colour strike rate and high opacity tinter formulations so colour matching is easier and coverage can be achieved with the minimum number of coats.

“One new feature customers are especially going to love is the colour tools. There’s sophisticated colour software that lets you easily lookup colour formulations and even highlights which variant or special is the best one to match the vehicle on the paint shop floor. For the first time, the Paraglaze Tinter System is compatible with the hi-tech RapidMatch™ X-5 spectrophotometer colour identification device – you simply take a reading of a vehicle’s paintwork and it will choose the closest colour formulation from the No1, variants and specials.

“Above all, the Paraglaze Tinter System delivers exactly what it promises – terrific colour strike rate, speed, ease of use and excellent colour matching, coverage and control. The queue starts here!”

The launch program for the new Paraglaze Tinter System will roll out across the country throughout 2013.  


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