Flexiglass Has You Covered

Customers can also choose from a vast number of configuration options to suit their needs. For example, windows can be sliding or hinged in different sizes – there is even a unique product call the ‘Combo’ where the tray and canopy are supplied together and can be custom configured to allow a full pallet to be loaded into the cargo area. The range extends right up to the top-of-the-line Flexisport model that comes complete with heated rear glass, vehicle integrated central locking and standard fit sports bars on the roof.
When a new model vehicle launches on the market, the R&D Team swing into action, taking careful measurements that are used to create a stylish, snug fitting canopy. It takes just six to eight weeks before it’s ready for production. Most Flexiglass canopies are made in the company’s manufacturing facility in Western Australia before being shipped to state branches around the country. With utes becoming more and more sporty, many canopies are now painted to colour code them to the vehicle and it’s here that Flexiglass have chosen to go with Australian made Protec products. A national paint specification was prepared for Flexiglass so that the same products and procedures are used to produce the same excellent end result, no matter which branch the canopy is being painted at, says Ergun Kirmaci, National Sales & Business Development Manager.
“Around half the canopies we sell are colour coded and that’s where the partnership with Protec comes in. Its affiliation with vehicle manufacturers gives it the upper hand in ensuring the colour formulations are there to deliver an identical match.” Having pioneered the ute canopy and accumulated over 60 years of experience, Flexiglass has no intention of backing off. “Canopies and trays are all we do. We’ve invested a lot to ensure that our products outperform customer demands and our aim is to continue being a market leader.” 


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