Carefully formulated using premium pigments, the Paraglaze Gloss Tinter System contains a full complement of direct gloss solid tinters.

Colours mixed off the Paraglaze Gloss Tinter System exhibit high-opacity to achieve colour coverage in fewer coats, an extensive colour range and uniform tint strength and tone to make colour matching easier.

Paraglaze Gloss Monometallic Capability

The versatile PM-GSILV Paraglaze DG CT Silver factory pack can be tinted to create a range of Paraglaze Gloss Monometallic (single layer metallic) colours.

Please refer to our Monometallic Colour Swatches, for a digital representation of Protec’s range of 32 single layer metallic colours.

A comprehensive offer of locally relevant Paraglaze Gloss Monometallic colour formulations can also be found in the Protec Colour Software.

Paraglaze Gloss Factory Pack Colours

The following high usage colours are available in stock as factory packs:

  • PM-GKMV2 Paraglaze DG Ice White
  • PM-GKT79 Paraglaze DG Jet Black
  • PM-GSILV Paraglaze DG CT Silver

Paraglaze Gloss Ready-Mix Colours

All Paraglaze Gloss colours are available made-to-order in the following sizes:

  • PM-GMIX/500ML
  • PM-GMIX/1L
  • PM-GMIX/2L
  • PM-GMIX/4L
  • PM-GMIX/20L

Simply order your chosen colour from your local Protec Store or Distributor or place in an order via our Customer Service Team.