A high solids clearcoat especially formulated to produce high quality repairs in a wide range of body shop conditions.

PC-3320 MaxiGlaze HS Clearcoat

The MaxiGlaze name suggests perhaps links with both MaxMeyer and with Paraglaze. That is precisely the intention. This new HS clearcoat has been thoroughly put through its paces, over Paraglaze solventborne basecoat and over AquaMax Extra waterborne basecoat. This is not a compromise product; application, drying, appearance and polishing, are all great, over water, over solvent alike. This is the new Paraglaze Flagship Clearcoat.

0210 MaxMeyer VOC HS Clearcoat

MaxMeyer VOC HS Clearcoat is designed for use with AquaMax Extra Basecoat to provide an easy to use product with excellent application and final appearance characteristics, leading to a high quality result on a broad range of repair types.

Its dedicated high solids hardener, 6100 MaxMeyer VOC HS Hardener, is integral to providing the strong film hardness and excellent high gloss finish characteristic of a high solids clearcoat.

There is also the option of speeding up the application process further with 7501 MaxMeyer VOC Accelerator Thinner; dropping the bake time from 40 minutes to an astounding 15 minutes.

0720 / 0760 MaxMeyer VOC Low Gloss Clearcoats

​The MaxMeyer VOC low gloss clearcoats have been specifically formulated for use over both AquaMax Extra waterborne basecoat and Paraglaze Basecoat.

0720 MaxMeyer VOC Matt Clearcoat and 0760 MaxMeyer VOC Semi-Gloss Clearcoat can be used alone or mixed at various ratios to produce the full spectrum of low gloss levels for customer finishes or repairs over low gloss OEM finishes.

  • 0720 MaxMeyer VOC Matt Clearcoat
  • 0760 MaxMeyer VOC Semi-Gloss Clearcoat